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The swallow was very busy. Sweeping, cleaning, sorting out, putting away, and so on.
“Oh dear,” said the dragonfly, who flew by, “just the sight of you being so busy makes me feel uptight. I do a little bit in my house every day, never all at once.”
“Soon I’ll be up and away though”, said the swallow. “It’s time to go south. Fly a lot and far away, that’s good training” and he did a little flypast.
“Oh, yeah,” said the dragonfly, who realised anew why he was always so good at the aerobatics competitions at the feast of the magnolia, “you are always gone during winter. What do you have against the winter anyway?”
“Well, it’s just that we always leave”, said the swallow. “That’s how we live. And I must say, that one time when I couldn’t get away, well, I experienced a winter here, and then I knew right away why we always leave.”
“What’s so bad about it then?”, asked the dragonfly.
“The cold,” said the swallow, “that nasty cold. It takes away all lust for song and life.”
“Oh”, said the dragonfly, who did not understand why one would not be able to sing when it’s cold, but then again, she never sang.

You can continue reading in my book with fables that is published by BoekScout and can be found in their webshop.
The book is bilingual: Dutch-English and is titled:

psychologische fabels / psychological fables

*As in all fables, the stories mirror human behaviour. Through the animals’ characters, we actually look at ourselves and our society. The fables are contemplative, yet vivid and quite humorous.*

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