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It was a spring day in the forest and the animals had a cheerful gathering at the large glade around the magnolia. Afterwards, they could not recall how it started, but they came to talk about the organisation of the animal forest and if there was room for improvement.
“It seems best to me”, said the goose, “that we all fly in formation.”
“Are you nuts?”, said the whimbrel. “Leisurely criss-crossing, that’s a lot more fun.”
“One is the boss”, said the wolf. “That’s orderly.”
“Don’t be silly”, said the herring. “When we swim in schools, every-body is equal. You take care not to bump into each other and other-wise you let each other be.”
“Yeah, but”, said the horse, “you keep each other clean and tidy, don’t you?”
“Exactly”, said the parrot and the chimpanzee. “Otherwise all gets very dirty.”
“But”, said the ant, “I would like to smell where our scouts have been walking, otherwise our army would march in totally the wrong direction.”
The owl listened to the conversation going back and forth and thought that they weren’t getting anywhere.
“I think”, said the owl, “that we need to agree on a basic set of rules; so everyone knows where they stand.”

You can continue reading in my book with fables that is published by BoekScout and can be found in their webshop.
The book is bilingual: Dutch-English and is titled:

psychologische fabels / psychological fables

*As in all fables, the stories mirror human behaviour. Through the animals’ characters, we actually look at ourselves and our society. The fables are contemplative, yet vivid and quite humorous.*

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