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The ladybug was sitting in front of his house. He hardly ever did, since he was away so often, travelling. Now he was home though, enjoying sitting on his bench in the sun. Suddenly, he heard some buzzing. The mosquito came flying by.
Oh, no, thought the ladybug, I so much dislike that sound. It’ll only end up in something being buzzed around about me that’s only half true or not true at all.
Earlier, he used to be bothered a lot by that, because what’s not right, is not right and should not be spread around the world as truth. However, there’s no way you can straighten it all out, so now he mostly found it weird, because what’s not right, is not right and the animals who did not know him, were likely to think the oddest things about him.
“What’s with the angry face?”, said the mosquito and he whispered in the horn:
The ladybug sits in front of his house and looks angry.
Who has he been quarrelling with today?

“Hello mosquito,” said the ladybug, who figured it nicer to stay polite, “I am not angry and I did not quarrel. I have a frown because I was pondering on something.”
“Boring”, said the mosquito and flew away.
The dragonfly came flying by.

You can continue reading in my book with fables that is published by BoekScout and can be found in their webshop.
The book is bilingual: Dutch-English and is titled:

psychologische fabels / psychological fables

*As in all fables, the stories mirror human behaviour. Through the animals’ characters, we actually look at ourselves and our society. The fables are contemplative, yet vivid and quite humorous.*

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One thought on “UNDERSTANDING

  1. A quiet rainy day and I enjoyed reading your fable. The Giraffe gets it! Diana was called the “People’s Princess” and was very accessible to the papparazzi. She married so very young into such an “established” dynasty. People felt sorry for her and got more and more interested as to her future after she divorced Prince Charles. I remember seeing after she died all her gowns on display in Atlantic City years ago. The cost of those gowns must have been in the millions. We should all be as wise as your Giraffe! 😊 😊

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