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I would like to waltz you
wrap my arms around you
if you want I’ll balm you
ease your soul

I will not desert you
I’ll avoid to hurt you
if you want I’ll flirt you

I would like to hearten you
so that you could start a new
and if you would let me to
I’ll magic you alive

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4 thoughts on “COMFORT

  1. Beau poème, je préfère la version anglaise. Ta voix et ton anglais me font penser à celle de Margaret Tatcher. I hope you will take this as a compliment, because she had so an agreable voice ans her english was perfect.
    Congatulation for everything the poem, the intonation of the voice and your perfect english

      • I did, but I prefer flemish instead of dutch. Sorry don’t like the accent, although yours is acceptable, in compairison with others. Strange you haven’t an accent in French and English.
        Mais je suis très étonnée de ce que tu fais, moi je ne saurais pas écrire des poèmes. Félicitation. J’adore t’écouter en français et en anglais un réel enchantement.

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