Nederlands: hier



if you can’t keep it up
I’ll let it hang for you
if you can’t stay tall
I’ll widen myself for you

the world rages
and if a hard wind blows
I’ll bend along for you

and when I do all this
would you then in that shelter
remind yourself that
no matter what
it’s better
to charge yourself
from the wells of
sparkling love
instead of
spitting hatred

injustice that is done to you
will not disappear
by paying back the same
evil generates new evil

And the mighty of the earth
please stop
the looking down
shutting out
because that will eventually fire back at you

evil generates new evil,
that generates new evil

only when you
step out of this vicious circle
of rotating debt
and into the quest for harmony
that comes from life giving love,
you have barred evil
created room for straight

straight in the eye
straight from the heart
straight to the soul

hard against hard
heart to heart
setting in on:
carrying on to:

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