Nederlands: hier / Français: ici



I stand aside
I need to
let the fuss
pass me by
no energy left

they say:
you must do it yourself
get up by yourself
get going by yourself
you are the creator of your own destiny

but I say:
one can be empty
broken and sidetracked
and then you need
someone or something
that sees you

they also say:
there’s more blessing in giving than in taking

if giving is such a blessing
then the world does not work
without those
who cannot do everything by themselves

therefore needing
is also necessary
to make
through receiving
a real gift of giving
by which
connection is originated
and solidarity
makes 1+1=more

so, please:
who revives me
helps me
to clean up the mess
to fix what’s broken
brings me to the Source
that provides fuel
puts me on track

so that I
can go my
with newfound strength
and also attention again
for who needs me then
I’m back on track


Thank you Marita Sporrong for helping me with the translation.

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