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The ladybug was home again.* His house was just a small one because mostly he was on the road, he travelled a lot. The ladybug, you know, was asked everywhere to show his skills. He was very good at moving to music. When music was heard and the ladybug moved to it, it generated emotions in the spectators, even more so than when they were just listening.
“Hi ladybug”, said the dragonfly.
“Hello there”, said the ladybug and warmly gave the dragonfly two kisses. The dragonfly blushed all over.
“You know,” said the dragonfly, “I never dared to say this, but often I can’t help but cry when I see you move to music.”
The dragonfly gasped for breath. This was quite a long sentence for someone who actually did not dare to talk to the ladybug because he always touched her so much.

* If you want to know the inspiration for the ladybug, watch those 3 videos:
click here (at 0:10 you see the ladybug)
click here (cheerful)
click here (drama)

You can continue reading in my book with fables that is published by BoekScout and can be found in their webshop.
The book is bilingual: Dutch-English and is titled:

psychologische fabels / psychological fables

*As in all fables, the stories mirror human behaviour. Through the animals’ characters, we actually look at ourselves and our society. The fables are contemplative, yet vivid and quite humorous.*

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2 thoughts on “RELIEF

  1. This so reminds me of Stéphane Lambiel, the figure skater, whose movements on ice make me think that music itself for a moment has taken physical form!

    • You are totally right! the ladybug is based on him, He used to have a ladybug as a ‘mark’ when he still was in competition in figure skating. How nice to take that as an example of all art that brings us catharsis 🙂

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