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The road they call the Wall, in Geraardsbergen (Belgium)

The road they call the Wall, in Geraardsbergen (Belgium)

I climbed a road they call
the wall
so steep
and after
visiting the chapel on top
with walls full of
I knew that:
I want a wall of gratitude
above my bed

each morning
I will stick to it
a little post-it note
with something small
or big
to be grateful for
as a mind-set for
the day to come

but not,
like I once was taught:
as a suffocating plaster
to cover up sorrow and grief
so they can’t be seen
and thus
can be denied

like this,
they will only fester
and drain energy

no, not like this

I will have
my first post-it pinned
to never float away
so all will always begin
with gratefulness
that everything
can be identified
just as it is
also the pain,
frustration and suffering

that is my basic gratitude:
all and everything can be named
and lived

2-muur van dank boven bed

WALL of GRATITUDE above my bed

and with this experience
I go to the mind-set
of attention for
the things that go right
work out well
bring harmony

that empowers me
to face
and bear
because like this
those are embedded
in what is beautiful
and works out fine

so good !
that wall of gratitude
to start the day
and at night go there to rest

A big Thank-You to Marita Sporrong, who helped me out with the translation.

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3 thoughts on “WALL of GRATITUDE

  1. It was a pleasure to assist in the translation of this lovely reflection! I like the photo of your little wall of gratidude!

  2. Dear Anne! Loved it! I like the posted note idea! I wish you many notes of gratitude this year. We all experience pleasure and pain in our lives but there is much to be grateful for most of us.

  3. Loved your writing about “gratitude” and the idea of posting notes. Wishing you many “gratitudes” this year of 2017. For most of us — there is much to be grateful for.

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