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An * after a word means you can find an explanation under the fable
IN THE DEPTH OF THE OCEAN, THE STINGRAY WAS SWIMMING. He hoped to find something to eat, but nothing was swimming by.
“What’s up nowadays,” he muttered. “In the old days, there was more.”
He swam a little further away from home but was not very lucky. A little bite here and there but no abundant schools.
Would the sea be tired, he thought. He had heard the current sing sometimes, that the sea is so tired, and therefore in a bad condition; that how useless it was in old times, it now was necessary to carry salt to the ocean.* The seagull came diving by. He could do that deepest of all, because he had been practicing real hard.**
“What’s with the gloomy face?” asked the seagull.
“Well, well,” mumbled the stingray, who still wasn’t all that keen on conversation.
“Hang in there,” said the seagull. “If you persist, you will eventually succeed.”

Soon you can continue reading, when my book with fables will be published by BoekScout.
The book will by bilingual: Dutch-English

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