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IT WAS A DAY IN EARLY SPRING IN THE ANIMAL FOREST. Everybody had kind of recovered from the winter, but was not really into the energy of spring yet.
“Maybe”, said the cockatoo, “it’s nice to go out for a while, on a little spring trip?”
“That sounds fun”, said the butterfly, “just flutter about for a bit. Might someone want to join in?” She looked at the dragonfly who was visiting.
“O” and “O, o, … ”, said the dragonfly, “I would but … “.
“You better leave ‘but’ at home”, said the sheep, who was also visiting. “I’ll come along with you”.
And so it came to be that a little group of animals decided to hit the road, that early spring in the animal forest.
“Let’s make an overview”, said the giraffe, “of where we could go and what we might need”.
“Who cares”, said the cockatoo, “just hit the road and we’ll see”. We’ll leave tomorrow from the open space with the Magnolia”.
All said and done, so off they went. The cockatoo flew away as he always flew and the butterfly fluttered after him this time. The dragonfly floated along in their wake and the sheep and the giraffe hiked along firmly. They all enjoyed the early spring sun and the sense of adventure.
“But, hey”, said the dragonfly ” … “.
“ ‘But’ remained home”, said the cockatoo with a smile and kept on flying.
“What do you want to say?” asked the sheep, who was willing to overlook a little ‘but’ every now and then.
“Well”, said the dragonfly, “how about dinner?”
“Yes”, said the butterfly and looked up to the well-travelled cockatoo, “how does dinner work during such a trip?”
“We’ll find something”, said the cockatoo while steadily flying on.
“And yet”, said the giraffe, carefully avoiding a ‘but’, “it is a good question”.
“In my opinion”, he added.
The cockatoo looked around and found some seeds and berries that suited him and he said: “Look here. Dinner!”
“But I cannot have those”, said the dragonfly, “I need something else”.
The sheep looked around a bit sheepishly, not knowing what to do now when there was nothing available that suited him.
“Oh la la”, said the butterfly, worried, but also trying to keep spirits up.
“Come on”, said the cockatoo, “this is how it’s done, when you travel. This is how it works, I’ve done this often enough”.
The giraffe opened the haversack that he had been carrying along all the time, while saying:
“What works for one person, does not necessarily work for the other. I researched it and I brought along something suitable for everyone”.
“Quite smart”, said the cockatoo a bit perplexed and also a bit bewildered, “I thought that travelling was only travelling and that I could just show you how”.
“Planning and overview”, said the giraffe, “then you never get into trouble”.
“Still”, said the butterfly, “I thought it was a nice adventure to just go out like this”.
“Well”, said the dragonfly, “I was worried, you know, and now that I see how it works, I’ll be on my way back. Then I know for sure that I’ll be sleeping well tonight. In my home sweet home”.
“So do I”, said the sheep, “home sweet home”.
“But … ”, he added, “… next time, I will come along again. Then I’ll bring some food and I will no doubt learn something new again”.
“Indeed”, said the cockatoo, “each time, you get a little wiser, that’s for sure”.
“Yes”, said the butterfly, “that’ll bring us a little further each time”.
So after all, a little ‘but’ had sneaked in anyway and had even brought some insight.
“Maybe”, said the owl, who had been flying along, “everything cannot always be overviewed at once. It can also be done step by step. Little bit by little bit, you will learn a bit more. Often, one quickly wants to reach a goal through giant leaps, but by doing so, many stumble on their way. Little steps are okay too and make for less danger of stumbling”.
“Yes, yes”, said the dragonfly relieved, “little steps, please, that’ll make me braver”.
“Exactly”, said the owl, “a step that suits you. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s what gets you ahead”.

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  1. Oh Yes Anne/Fenna—Always listen to wise old owls! Small steps for me these days. Very enjoyable “fable write-up”. Happy Springtime!

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