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The ladybug was home again.(1) His house was just a small one because mostly he was on the road, he travelled a lot. The ladybug, you know, was asked everywhere to show his skills. He was very good at moving to music. When music was heard and the ladybug moved to it, it generated emotions in the spectators, even more so than when they were just listening.
“Hi ladybug”, said the dragonfly.
“Hello there”, said the ladybug and warmly gave the dragonfly two kisses. The dragonfly blushed all over.
“You know,” said the dragonfly, “I never dared to say this, but often I can’t help but cry when I see you move to music.”
The dragonfly gasped for breath. This was quite a long sentence for someone who actually did not dare to talk to the ladybug because he always touched her so much.
“Oh,” said the ladybug, “I often find my tears streaming too when I invent the movements and rehearse them.”
“Really?”, said the dragonfly, who was surprised by this.
“Really!”, said the ladybug, who was very willing to explain it: “Music is vibration and if that vibration suits you, then it sets you in motion. And if the most relevant movement for you is flowing, then tears will stream down your cheeks.”
“And”, added the ladybug, “that gives relief.”
“Yes”, said the dragonfly, who recognised this. “That’s a relief. Because then, all of a sudden, I am less tense, less uptight. Could it be that there are too many tears in my body? I am so full and then I feel tightly coiled and I feel I am more than fits into my body.”
“Maybe”, said the ladybug, “you should allow yourself to feel music more often, then your flow will keep streaming.”
The ladybug gave the dragonfly a big hug.
“Thank you”, whispered the dragonfly, and the emotion of the moment made a tear roll down her cheek.
“Tears”, said the ladybug, “are comforters. They stroke your cheeks.”
And the ladybug let the hug turn into a swirling spin.
“Thank you,” said the dragonfly again, “thank you! Your art loosens me up and makes me flow.”
Wow, thought the giraffe, who watched it all happen from a distance, how beautiful! She sighed a sigh that brought such sweet relief. And so nice, she also thought, that there is such a delightful word for this: catharsis.
Art that refreshes you.
And in her head she gave catharsis a little kiss on the cheek.

(1)The idea of making the ladybug move to music and his capacity to touch, is a nod to Swiss figure skater Stéphane Lambiel, who was world champion in 2005&2006 and silver medallist at the Olympic Games in 2006. Since he was a child, this was his favourite animal because they were said to bring good luck and so the ladybug became his symbol, also on banners and in other expressions by his fans. After the Olympic Games in 2010 (4th place), he has dedicated himself to skating artistic programs during gala’s. Freed from the rules of competition programs, he expresses above all, his feel for the music. You can find marvellous videos on YouTube. The character of the ladybug, however, is a character of its own.

Here are the links to watch 4 videos:
click here (at 0:10 you see the ladybug)
click here (cheerful)
click here (drama)
click here (Stéphane as coach)

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2 thoughts on “RELIEF

  1. This so reminds me of Stéphane Lambiel, the figure skater, whose movements on ice make me think that music itself for a moment has taken physical form!

    • You are totally right! the ladybug is based on him, He used to have a ladybug as a ‘mark’ when he still was in competition in figure skating. How nice to take that as an example of all art that brings us catharsis 🙂

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