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THE GARDEN WARBLER WAS VERY BUSY. Brooming, cleaning, sorting and packing, and so on.
“Oh dear”, said the dragonfly, who flew by, “just the sight of you being so busy makes me feel uptight. I do a little bit in my house every day, never all at once”.
“But I’ll be on my way”, said the garden warbler, “it’s time to go South”
“Oh, yeah”, said the dragonfly, “you are always gone during winter. What have you got against the winter?”
“Well, it’s just that we always leave”, said the garden warbler, “that’s how we live. And I must say, that one time in the fall when I couldn’t get away, well, I experienced a winter here, and then I knew right away why we always leave!”
“What’s so bad about it then?” asked the dragonfly.
“The cold”, said the garden warbler, “that nasty cold. It takes away all lust for song and life”.
“Oh”, said the dragonfly, who did not understand why one would not be able to sing when it’s cold, but then again, she never sang.
“Are you going to Zpain?” asked the bird of paradise, who had joined them, and was well-travelled by her many vacations. In fact, she was away so often, that the dragonfly did not know whether she lived here or was here on vacation.
“I don’t know”, said the garden warbler, “how they name it. I just go there”.
“Zpain”, elaborated the bird of paradise, “Zpain is a nicely warm place, where it looks like summer in the winter. I know some places with lots of song and dance”.
“Oh, but that’s not what I’m looking for”, said the garden warbler, “I’d rather have my own little nest, cosy and familiar”.
“Come on”, said the bird of paradise, “a little bit of adventure is fun. Walk a bit on the wild side!”
“How do you get there?” asked the giraffe, who liked to explore new things.
“Just like that”, said the garden warbler, glad that the attention drifted away from the fluttering bird of paradise, “I follow my feelings”.
“No”, said the giraffe, “that’s not possible. At some point, you must have learned how to get there. Did you follow what the others did?”
“That too”, said the garden warbler, “but when I was little, I already knew it. I only know it better now”.
“Everything is learned”, said the giraffe.
“No, no”, said the garden warbler, “some things you just know”.
Now that was something the giraffe did not just know.</span style=”color:#000000;”>

Thank you Marita Sporrong for your help with this translation.

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I’m caught by the animal stories by the Dutch author Toon Tellegen and when I gave one of his books away, I let that present be accompanied by some own writings in this style. That’s how my own fables came to be, with animals and characters of my own, but inspired by the books of Toon who set the tone. Perhaps a new parallel universe of his animal forest will develop here 🙂

A part of those fables has been published in ‘Mensaberichten’, in those days the club magazine of the society Mensa Nederland.

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