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ON A SUNNY DAY IN LATE SUMMER, THE HUMMINGBIRD FLEW THROUGH THE FOREST. He was in deep thought and almost collided with the giraffe.
“Oh, sorry”, said the hummingbird, who thought that to be a dishonour to his flying skills, “I was busy thinking”.
“No offense”, said the giraffe, “I also like to think, a lot, maybe we can think together for a while?”
“Actually”, said the hummingbird, “that’s the problem. It’s kind of nice, all those encounters with other animals, but it’s tiresome too. That’s just what I was thinking about: that I am tired of all those contacts”.
“Too bad”, said the giraffe, “it would have been nice for a change. I also easily get tired of chats with the other animals. But that’s because I usually think it’s small talk. If I then suggest what big stuff we could be talking about, they say that they don’t like all that thinking. So I thought: if you are already thinking … “.

Soon you can continue reading, when my book with fables will be published by BoekScout.
The book will by bilingual: Dutch-English

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