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An * after a word means you can find an explanation under the fable
ON A CLOUDLESS DAY IN THE ANIMAL FOREST, IT WAS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Once every few years, the animals made an appointment to come together to play for a fortnight. The dolphin tumbled in the most beautiful ways, the polar bear walked as far as he could through the snow, the swallow flew his most spectacular flights and the willow grouse skated as fast as he could.
“Come”, said the dolphin to the stingray, “why don’t you join us!”
“Hmm”, hummed the stingray, “I’m no good”.
“You can swim alright, can’t you”, said the dolphin, “you could participate in that”.
“But I never win anything”, muttered the stingray and turned around. He did not like long conversations.
“It’s about the fun”, said the dolphin, “that we all

*5th leg….
In Dutch we have a saying: I search a sheep with 5 legs; meaning you are looking for a person who is very versatile in their talents, asking the (almost) impossible combination of competences.
This is first mentioned in the fable SIMPLY

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