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“LOOK WHOM I RAN INTO”, SAID THE COCKATOO TO THE BUTTERLFY. The butterfly fluttered joyfully towards him and gave the cockatoo a big hug, glad that the cockatoo was home again.
“Well, well, who do we have here! I am the butterfly”, greeted the butterfly the newcomer.
“Porcupine”, said the porcupine, who did not have many words yet because everything was still very new to him.
“Please, do come in”, said the butterfly, “then we’ll drink some of our best nicely-long-lying juice”.

A little farther away, the grumpy bear fumbled at the door of the mosquito.
“Hey, mosquito”, said the grumpy bear, “did you see that?”
“No, no. What? Tell me, tell me!” said the mosquito who was ever so curious.
“I just saw a sort of hedgehog”, said the grumpy bear, “but it was one with very long spines. I’ve never seen such long spines before”.
“My goodness”, said the mosquito, “long stingers! Would that be dangerous? I have to warn everybody”.

“Watch out for hedgehogs with long stingers. They are dangerous”, he whispered in the horn.

Soon you can continue reading, when my book with fables will be published by BoekScout.
The book will by bilingual: Dutch-English

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