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“Hello”, said the stingray, “I am the stingray. Who are you?”
“I am the guppy”, said the guppy.
“Nice to meet you”, said the stingray, who was finally learning how to keep a conversation going.
“OK, then I’ll reveal this”, said the guppy, inspired to do the same, “I am plugged in. In fact, I do not live here”.
“O”, said the stingray, “I do not live here either. I live in the depth of the ocean”.
“Then”, said the guppy, “you must have asked yourself the question”.
“Which question?” asked the stingray.
“Well”, said the guppy, “what the framework is?”
“Exactly”, said the stingray, “how did that deep end come to be in the coral. It disturbs the whole framework. That indeed has kept me wondering for quite a long time now”.
“You can escape”, said the guppy, “you either eat the blue coral of the red one. If you take the blue, you forget that you ever met me and just assume that when you want to eat, a school of fish will come swimming by, just by your wish for it. If you eat the red coral, then I’ll show you how deep the deep end really is”.
The stingray pondered. While he was thinking, the dove flew by.
“I have to go”, said the guppy, “I want to meet the dove. I think he is the One”.
“Which one?” asked the stingray.
“Choose”, said the guppy, “you have to choose. Then you will know”.
The giraffe strolled thoughtfully along the waterside. He saw it all and wondered what it was that he saw. Thus a new question had popped up, and he already had such a lot of them; also the question. He always hoped for logical answers. Such an answer that is the only thing left when everything has been classified, verified or disconfirmed. Then you did not have to choose, then you knew. But seldom was he ready with classifying, verifying and disconfirming. Always new aspects were coming up.
“Choose”, had the guppy been saying, “when you choose, you will know”.</span style=”color:#000000;”>

If you find it difficult to understand the guppy,
you could watch the videos in those links to see what my inspiration was for this fable:
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and the above was inspired by:
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I’m caught by the animal stories by the Dutch author Toon Tellegen and when I gave one of his books away, I let that present be accompanied by some own writings in this style. That’s how my own fables came to be, with animals and characters of my own, but inspired by the books of Toon who set the tone. Perhaps a new parallel universe of his animal forest will develop here 🙂

A part of those fables has been published in ‘Mensaberichten’, in those days the club magazine of the society Mensa Nederland.

And last but not least: Thank you Marita Sporrong for your help with this translation.

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