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a WEDDING-reflection
for my sons and daughters-in-law

let’s celebrate
our humanness
whose essence is
in their search for that
they want to go together

two individuals
each their own bundle of molecules
mixture of chemical processes

the pheromones
the hormones
did they bring them together?
and following up
on instincts;
impulse driven?


is that all
there is?

personally I think
history shows us
that human beings are more:
we have
an inblown breath
which adds
to our little chemical factory

that ability for metaphysics
to transcend
impulses and instincts
not to be stuck on
power and competition
battle and survival
the law of the jungle

that illuminating ability
to find ethics
for justice and peace
inspired by harmony
so that besides the harshness
of forcing and rivalry
there’s room for
softness and solidarity

a great spirit once had it written down:

“what is mankind
that Thou art
mindful of them”

I think
because it’s he
who blew in breath
he gave us spirit

that part of our humanness
with which we can learn
about wise ethics and justice
and will know
that love is not just a feeling:
like o,o,
I want you so

love is
and formed
and simple

and will know that:
even if I were to speak all languages
and knew every word there is
even if I were to know all stories
and exactly what survival is

but did I not have love
that searches the other
that strives for harmony
a development driven togetherness

did I not have that love
then I would only sound like a blaring bugler
or a shrill trumpeting twitterer
nothing more than
a bundle of molecules
an impulse driven chemical factory

that’s why he has blown
breath in us
so we would rise above
strife and competition
wisely thrive in
individual development
within loyalty

that is flourishing love:
in many sorts and ways

a parent a child
a toddler a pal
a teenager in groups
students among each other

an acquaintance a mate
workers in co-operation
an ex with respect
for love in past time

the neighbours social media
art work the world

a guy and a guy
a home made
so many shapes and forms
and in your case
a man and a woman

marriage as a team
with spirit
based on love
searching for each other’s development
maybe expanded with children

a trustworthy place
of ongoing hope
against all tempests and turmoil
for harmony and peace

so this is my wish for you:
may love and loyalty never leave you
wear them close to you
write your book of life with them
you’ll be blessed
in beneficent

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