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“It’s so hot”, said the dragonfly to the sheep who was looking for some coolness near the waterside.
“Yes”, said the sheep with a lazy yawn.
The dragonfly skimmed another round closely over the water for as much cooling off as she could get.
“My, my”, said the dragonfly when she landed near the sheep again, huffing and puffing.
“Can’t breathe, so uptight”, she also said.
“I am happy”, said the sheep, “that in the spring, I always shave off my coat”.
“Yes, yes”, said the dragonfly, “you have it all figured out” and up again she skimmed another round over the water.
At noon, when the sun was highest and burned the strongest, those flights didn’t cool her off anymore. The dragonfly tried to sleep a bit in the shade.
“Pffff”, she sighed, “let me rest a little. Hard work it is, this hot weather”.
Then she heard the cicada starting to chirp somewhere close by. Passionately, with heart and soul and muscles and membranes, he made his music, a tribute to the sun. The dragonfly thought it was shrill and overdone. It resonated harshly in her ears.
“Cicada”, begged the dragonfly, who was too tired to fly to another place herself, which she actually considered to be the more polite thing to do, “would you please do that somewhere else?”
“This is summer music, it’s a heat dance”, tried the cicada to sell himself, “look, when I let my membranes vibrate, a beautiful sound comes out. Cool, isn’t it?”
“I get it”, said the dragonfly, “but I am cooling off silently, am I not? Why all the noisy fuss?”
Being that much misunderstood, the cicada gave up and flew away. Somewhere in the distance, he started all over to make his music in full glory.
“Please, keep it down a little”, said a little voice from a little den in the ground.
This time the cicada thought it best to immediately fly away and he lowered his head in sadness.
“Hi, cicada”, said the giraffe.
“Yes, yes, I’ll be gone again”, said the cicada, hardly looking up.
“Whereto?” inquired the giraffe with interest.
“Away”, said the cicada, “everybody is bothered by my enthusiasm”.
“O”, said the giraffe, “then surely you are heading for the South Forest?”
“Where is the South Forest and why should I go there?” asked the cicada still sad.
“Straight towards the sun”, said the giraffe, “and there are many there, that make music like you, all day long”.
“Really?” asked the cicada hopeful and lifted up his head.
“I have researched it and it is really true”, said the giraffe.
“Then I’ll leave right away”, said the cicada, “thanks giraffe”. And off he went, direction sunshine.
“You’re welcome”, said the giraffe anyway and walked on, glad that he could have been of service to the cicada with his research-and-knowledge.

Thank you Marita Sporrong for your help with this translation and for the image you made to this fable.

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I’m caught by the animal stories by the Dutch author Toon Tellegen and when I gave one of his books away, I let that present be accompanied by some own writings in this style. That’s how my own fables came to be, with animals and characters of my own, but inspired by the books of Toon who set the tone. Perhaps a new parallel universe of his animal forest will develop here 🙂

A part of those fables has been published in ‘Mensaberichten’, in those days the club magazine of the society Mensa Nederland.

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