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Angels on the rooftops of the Saint-John's Cathedral in Den Bosch

Angels on the rooftops of the Saint-John’s Cathedral in Den Bosch

whether she tells it piously
or phones it to you cheerfully
by singing or through an app
the message is, that:
we should love one another!

and when
that’s hard to do
then go for help
to the higher powers
they’ll empower
and inspire
you to live:
not by
strong enforcement
of what does not come from the heart
no brutal force

but gentle source
that feeds your fountain
deep inside
striving wholeheartedly
for harmony

in all times
she cheers this
from the rooftops
in every tone colour
with all sorts of words
in many different ways

who hears it
understands it
gets inspired

it requires patience
that’s what she’s got
angelic patience

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A big Thank-You to Marita Sporrong, who is my sparring partner for translating into English

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