SECOND NEW FABLE after the release of my bilingual book with 30 psychological fables. More info about my book in which you can get to know all the animals.

(shell mosaics in the streets of the French coastal town Les Sables-d’Olonne)

It was a warm summer’s day in the animal forest. The sun stood high in the sky, shining radiantly. Everything became golden and warm. The strange bird loved that.* On days like this, he liked to go out. He gathered twigs and leaves and berries and acorns, sometimes a glossy chestnut, and also little flowers and shells. With them, he made images. He moved everything around until the image reflected how he was feeling. And when the sun was shining so ablaze, he felt light and bright at heart. He could use that, because if the sun was not around, it would be a completely different picture, languid and heavy and dark.
“Hello”, said the sheep, for xhe was always willing to greet anyone, including strange birds.
“Hello”, said the strange bird, who sometimes did not return the greeting, during those moments when Continue reading